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Applications for lifting in the marine industry offer non-trivial challenges: the custom development of electronic systems for automation and safety requires a high level of engineering effort, rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers.

The types of offshore cranes include Stiff boom type, Lattice boom, Knuckle boom type, and

Telescopic cranes. All these types of cranes can be equipped with EEx components to work in
ATEX hazardous environments and with an extended temperature range. All electronic systems
are designed and manufactured in compliance with all major naval registers and quality systems
worldwide, such as ABS, RINA, DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register, API 2C, etc.

At 3Bmust, we have carried out retrofits of various types of port cranes, specifically addressing:

  • Global control of automation and safety
  • Load limiter and anti-tip system
  • Scheduled maintenance
  •  Customized graphical interface
  • Radio remote control
  • Customized control panels
  • Implementation of original functions: stabilizer management, handling management, rotation, positioning for rotation lock, anemometer reading, etc.
  • Telemetry
  • Industry 4.0 and dedicated messaging
3Bmust International has gained extensive experience in software development for the overall management of mobile cranes, ranging from 6 to 300 tons and beyond. We handle crane systems equipped with telescopic and proportional boom sections, as well as the most complex articulated boom configurations.

3Bmust International is also active in the railway sector, where we have developed a load limiter system for a rail-mounted crane. The main implemented functions are:

  • Load limiter for anti-tip protection
  • Height limiter for collision prevention with overhead obstacles such as power lines
  • Rotation control
  • Level control
  • Self-stabilization system that intervenes in case of uneven terrain
  • Multifunction display to provide all necessary information to the operator and configure the machine’s operating modes.


3Bmust International specializes in the design of electronic systems for managing special lifting machines such as high- capacity cranes. Their main feature is the ability and versatility to perform lifting operations with very high load capacities and coverage radius.
Key features of the electronic system:

  • Global control of automation and functional safety according to project specifications
  • Load and moment limiter with high-performance levels according to EN13849
  • Display of functional parameters on an HMI monitor with a customized graphical interface
    based on the manufacturer’s design
  • Event and alarm logging
  • Electrical panel design
  • Telemetry and remote cloud-based assistance
3Bmust International has also developed systems for managing truck cranes. The movements are operated through a radio remote control, and the load capacity is controlled by a dual-processor control unit, ensuring maximum system safety.

3Bmust International has developed an automation system and load limiter for applications onmobile cranes with a telescopic arm (single cylinder with multiple pinning).

Key features of the electronic system include adaptability to the mechanical/hydraulic characteristics of the arm manufacturer and on-board calibration from the machine’s display.

The electronic system allows for fully automatic extension/retraction of the arm according to the programmed arm composition from the load chart, with options for manual operation to manage any additional scenarios.