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3Bmust International positions itself in the market as a specialized system integrator in the automotive and lifting sectors. We create customized solutions for a wide range of vehicles, providing customer support from the early stages of prototype development and actively collaborating in defining system specifications.

Load Limiter

Engine Monitor

Load limiter system for applications on mobile cranes with high safety features (Performance Level: C) that allow installation on both newly introduced machines in the market and retrofit opportunities on existing machines.

Engine Monitor

The ENGINE MONITOR J1939 provides the ideal human-machine interface to monitor numerous
CAN-based messages and display the current status of parameters transmitted by the engine.



Safety in work areas is an issue to which 3Bmust International is very sensitive.
For this reason, we have developed an anti-collision system for road vehicles (e.g. Stacker) based on radar technology.


The T-RSA application is an integrated system for a complete management and monitoring support of large fleets of mobile machines that allows the optimization of repair and maintenance operations in critical conditions.

3B Tool

The 3B Tool software for Windows PC, developed entirely by 3Bmust International, allows for easy adjustments of the electronic system, exporting and importing software parameters, behavioral analysis for fault finding, and optimization of operating procedures.