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Managing stackers is a core part of 3Bmust International’s business. With years of experience, we can handle various types of engines, configurations, and accessories. Our reach stackers use a load and weighing limitation system based on measuring the pressure on the lifting cylinder chambers, eliminating the need for load cells.
  • Global control of automation and safety
  • Load limiter and anti-tip system
  • Complete revamping of the electronic system
  • Programmed equipment positioning at specified heights
  • Special equipment: DoubleBox, PiggyBack, Coil Carrier
  • Industry 4.0 and dedicated messaging
  • Engine status monitoring messaging
  • Controlled maintenance
  • Energy-saving management
  • Customized graphical interface
  • Controlled maintenance
  • EN13849 compliance
  • Event recorder
  • Area limiter
  • Verticality control
  • Anti-collision system
  • Hybrid power supply
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Mobile axle
  • Mobile cabin
  • Telemetry
  • Remote assistance
3Bmust International’s expertise also extends to front stackers: we have designed a comprehensive system for managing front stackers to control machine movements, from startup to gear shifting, and including safety controls to protect mechanical parts.
3Bmust International places great emphasis on innovation and utilizes cutting-edge systems and technologies. With the expertise of 3Bmust technicians, we have collaborated with a major industry player in developing a hybrid-powered front stacker, for which we have developed a comprehensive control system to manage its functionalities. This machine is equipped with:
  • Load limiter
  • Management of single box and double box spreaders
  • Container counting
  • Energy-saving calculation
  • Selection of different heights of the spreader mast
  • Inverter diagnostics
  • Startup control, gear shifting, and direction
  • Control of spreader movement speed.