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In the field of safety, anti-collision devices are becoming increasingly crucial. Avoiding unintended impacts keeps both the operator and the vehicle safe, preventing machine jams and hazardous situations. 3Bmust International has developed solutions for both wheeled vehicles and crane arms, using sonar, radar, or laser sensors depending on the type of application.

The 3Bmust system involves the installation of a series of sensors based on the required distance 
and resolution level for the vehicle, providing the operator with information on the situation
through visual and auditory feedback. Our displays also support the use of cameras, allowing the
user to have a complete image of the situation.


When working in a maritime environment, it is important to avoid collisions with parts of the ship and surrounding elements. Our systems operate for configurable geometric areas based on the
installation location, eliminating the need for additional hardware. Additionally, they can utilize sensors mounted on the side of the arm.
These sensors operate at around 122 GHz with a narrow cone angle of only 6°, allowing for the detection of obstacles up to 60 meters away. They halt the movements before any impact occurs.