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3Bmust International has developed a load limiting system for EN13000 crane applications, suitable for general use and featuring high safety characteristics (PL=c). This system can be installed on newly introduced machines in the market as well as retrofitted onto existing machines.

Notable features of the system include flexible configuration and calibration through an onboard display.

The product can be used as-is, or it can be customized upon customer request, including the graphic display and integration with a comprehensive machine automation system. Additionally, to facilitate faster installation of the system, a modular standard wiring kit will soon be available

The load limiting system is designed for offshore cranes or machines operating in explosive risk conditions. The system has been designed with technological flexibility to meet the installation requirements for both newly constructed cranes and retrofit applications on existing cranes or machinery in the field.

The specific safety function of the system is to limit the load and moment according to the load
chart provided by the machine manufacturer or determined by the certification context of the
The system has been designed to incorporate event recording, remote assistance, and telemetry

techniques. Upon request, the system can be equipped with a PC module containing an
operating system and software for maintenance, calibration, and system updates. The PC module
is also prepared for internet networking, enabling remote connections and remote assistance for
urgent situations.