3B Tool

The 3B-Tool software for Windows PC, entirely developed by 3Bmust International, allows to easily carry out electronic system adjustments, export and import of software parameters, behavioral analysis for fault finding and optimization of operating procedures.

  • Variable Inspector
  • Graph & Simulation
  • CAN Monitor
  • Dual Panel


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Variable Inspector - simple, robust and intuitive variable and parameter monitoring, with easy management of machine parameters, both download and upload.

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Graph & Simulation - tool panel that allows you to create an interface for testing and simulation of machine functions, very useful for example to observe the status of an engine or the working conditions of a crane.

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CAN Monitor - display of all messages on the CAN-Bus network, with the possibility of sending messages and filtering only the messages concerned

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Dual Panel - with the ability to use two panels at the same time, 3B-Tool functionality is combined, allowing more functionality to be used simultaneously

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