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The great experience gained in over 10 years of activity in the field of lifting equipment (cranes, mobile cranes, reach stackers, harbor cranes, offshore cranes), combined with a technical expertise of excellence has enabled 3Bmust International to grow and reach a precise goal: design and create innovative electronic systems and software, modular and customized for all types of lifting equipment, becoming a reference point for the realization of integrated machine architectures.

Always engaged in a constant process of technological evolution, 3Bmust International propose itself as a privileged partner for companies looking for mechatronics and safety of machine solutions of high quality.

In an increasingly competitive market, 3Bmust International wants to be the "ideal and trusted partner" that guarantees technical assistance, maintenance, delivery of retrofitting and revamping electronic systems, spare parts and design of new electronic control systems for their own or new customers lifting machines (such as cranes, mobile cranes, reach stackers, harbor cranes, offshore cranes).

3Bmust International, using the collaboration with COBO-3B6, one of the leading manufacturers both in Italian and international area of anti-rollover and electronic systems for lifting vehicles, has reached a vanguard position in this area thanks to continuous updates, technical improvements, skills and abilities development of its employees.

The partnership with COBO-3B6 allows us to be always updated on the whole catalog of old and new generation products and spare parts.

The company aims at enhancing internal staffing by investing in the development of skills and abilities of its employees through participation in both internal and external training courses.

Customers, in addition to having a high quality product, are also followed by our after sales support service, which operates through on-demand services and tele-assistance.


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As proof of the constant commitment to important growth and quality objectives of the products and services offered, 3BMUST INTERNATIONAL SRL has decided to set up and implement a Quality System for the Company according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 .

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